Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prison Overcrowding in California,0,1269315.story

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Undercover said...

Overcrowding tells me that coddling prisoners does NOT keep people from prison. Yes CODDLING! The picture you posted looks like the local rescue mission, except YOU get clean sheets and clean clothing! You have a TV set, books to read, a toilet, clean showers, weight lifting equipment, good food etc. That’s more then I have. So WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT?

Alternatives to coddling: sleep on the ground (like I have to); no TV, radio, books, cigarettes, or wholesome food (I don't have those things, so why should YOU?); HARD WORK for everyone, every day, for at least 8 hours, even if it means breaking up rocks, or digging one hole to fill up another… just like every NORMAL person has to do on the outside. And they should be scrubbing the ceilings/walls/floors, bathrooms/showers, and washing their own clothes/dishes/towels/sheets too.

As a prisoner you have NO rights. You gave them up when you chose to do the crime. If prisons DID what they were set up to do, you would do everything possible to keep from having to go back! The prisons would NEVER be overcrowded. Instead, people clamor just to get IN, so they can have a warm bed, fresh hot food, clean clothes, showers, and a TV!

As an alternative to MY alternative: you may like the idea Grace has for a prison town.