Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Extension of Unemployment Compensation

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doshimaitri said...

in recent years, the occupational protection and safety and health administration (osha) and other government organizations have made a concerted resolution and effort to reduce the number of workplace injuries.As our workplaces become more advanced and more technologically cultured and refined, the number of accidents should be decreasing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Thousands of workers are injured every single day in workplace accidents, the majority of which are tragically preventable.Some of the most commonly queer and affected fields include construction workers, mill workers, and manufacturing employees.
perhaps more frightening is the frequency with which employers attempt to hide workplace accidents in order to avoid paying workers’ compensation.workers’ compensation claim is a form of insurance designed to protect workers like you who have been injured at the workplace. It exists to provide them with the money they need to cover lost wages and medical bills. In order to qualify for it, an employee necessarily and essentially waives his or her right to sue his or her employer.